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100K sats

Duración: 7 días

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Our new item is intended to be less explicit in wording and therefore more "opsecy". We do not touch Bitcoin here directly, as opposed to our "Bitcoin fixes this" series. This is a bill from the highly decorated series of Weimar banknotes that were issued before the major hyperinflation event. We have a couple of reasons to select exactly this bill for an artwork. First, we like colors. It has deep blue tones that fit the warm golden typesetting. For the second, the bill depicts an actual Renaissance artwork, Portrait of a Young Man, created by Albrecht Dürer. We find it interesting that the apparent curiosity of Bitcoiners toward classical forms could be reflected in the Weimar Hyperinflation note.

We plan to produce no more than 21 items of such type.

Also, similarly to 50 000 bill in the item "Bitcoin fixes this," this one was also exposed in the US Holocaust Museum. Here is a little description.

As for the story of bill 8m166029, it belonged to some Berlin residents who went through both World Wars. But we have nothing more to report on here.

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Los depósitos de oferta deben pagarse en bitcoin onchain o Lightning

El pago final se puede pagar en bitcoin onchain o Lightning, tarjeta de crédito, Afterpay, Cash App Pay, Affirm o Klarna (sujeto a tarifas)

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