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About Us

SatsCrap is a marketplace where sats unlock the lowest prices on the internet. It's created by the Scarce City team to extend the functionality of our marketplace beyond Fine Bitcoin Goods.

At SatsCrap, buyers are rewarded for their sats with the lowest prices on all types of physical goods while sellers stack sats for selling things they don't need.

Sats also act as collateral to minimize fraud and maximize privacy. Users pay a refundable listing deposit in bitcoin to list their item for sale. They can cancel the listing at any time prior to sale to be refunded their deposit immediately. When their item sells, they will receive their listing deposit.

You will permanently lose your listing deposit under the following conditions:

  • Sellers attempt to list contraband. See our seller guidelines for guidance.
  • A sold item is not sent within the allotted time.
  • The delivered item does not match the listed item description. Buyers are asked to video record the unboxing of the item and we routinely route items through trusted parties for quality assurance.
  • The item is damaged due to improper packaging. See our packaging requirements in our seller guidelines. Sellers are asked to provide images of the packaging process.

Using sats to keep market participants accountable means we need minimal personal information. Users don't even register or login to start buying and selling! Anyone can instantly list any legal item for sale, the best items at the lowest price are showcased to buyers, and both parties are protected in the transaction.

If you have more detailed questions, check out our FAQs and if you don't find what you're looking for, email us at [email protected].

To keep up to date with our latest developments and discover the best deals we have to offer, follow us on Twitter and Telegram.