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Show the quality and authenticity as well as possible. Also appreciated are images ofthe current date handwritten with the image (to prove it's in your possession) and any unique identifier like a serial number.

Re-ordering your images is as easy as touching/clicking on the picture and dragging it to your desired position.

You will be directed to pay 10% of the price over Lightning or Bitcoin on-chain as a refundable listing deposit.


You can cancel the listing at any time prior to sale and your listing deposit will be refunded immediately.


Instructions will be sent by email once you publish your listing.

Rules of Sale

If someone buys the item, the seller will be notified by email with shipping instructions. SatsCrap will release sale proceeds (minus a 10% commission fee, adjusted for your listing deposit) to the Bitcoin address you provide with the shipment tracking number within 7 days after delivery has been confirmed.

You will permanently lose your listing deposit under the following conditions:

  • Sellers attempt to list contraband. See our seller guidelines for guidance.
  • A sold item is not sent within the allotted time.
  • The delivered item does not match the listed item description. Buyers are asked to video record the unboxing of the item and we routinely route items through trusted parties for quality assurance.
  • The item is damaged due to improper packaging. See our packaging requirements in our seller guidelines. Sellers are asked to provide images of the packaging process.