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BTC Trading Cards - PB '22 + Genesis Pack (MINT & unopened)

Starting Bid

1.5M sats

Duration: 7 days

Two unopened packs of BTC Trading Cards (Twitter: @btc_cards) including 1x of the rare Pacific Bitcoin 2022 pack and 1x of the Genesis Pack. Both in mint condition and have 10 cards in each pack. Per the Card Map picture, the PB '22 pack is the only way to acquire commemorative cards #1 and #2 (rarity 999/999). Note that these packs were given out at the recent Pacific Bitcoin conference to certain ticket holders, but most were not aware of how rare these would become. Many people appear to have lost their cards - I would think a fraction of these packs are left in the condition of the one I'm selling here (mint condition + unopened). Note that for shipping, I'll be putting these in a small pelican case with some internal wrapping and even more wrapping on the outside.

More info on BTC Trading Cards:

Bitcoin Trading Cards offers a fun, simple & engaging way to learn about the problems with our current monetary system, and how Bitcoin fixes them! To understand the importance of bitcoin one must understand the value of scarcity. Like the current monetary system, most trading card projects are printed in the tens of millions, and even billions! Discover the scarcest trading cards on earth, with hits like no collection you have ever seen. Rip a pack and hodl a piece of history with Bitcoin Trading Cards! Our cards are designed by world-class artists in the Bitcoin space. The back of every card features educational facts about Bitcoin. Bitcoin Trading Cards makes education and collecting fun with the greatest!

Payment Methods

Bid deposits must be paid in onchain or lightning bitcoin.

Final payment can be paid in onchain or lightning bitcoin, credit card, Afterpay, Cash App Pay, Affirm, or Klarna (subject to fees).

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