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Bitcoin Weld Art

Starting Bid

1.4M sats

Duration: 7 days

We are offering a unique #BitcoinWeldArt Picture by Daniel Ossig which is a real proof of work. He is known worldwide with his motifs on Instagram, where you can see more of his works.

The picture was created using the TIG welding technique and is truly unique due to the color gradient, which is created by the heat input into the 3 mm stainless steel sheet.

It is framed in a frame, which was first painted and then sealed with a 2k clear varnish. The color scheme reflects the well-known orange of BTC.

Due to its high weight of approx. 7 kg, it also has a high value.

A truly unique piece for life.

Payment Methods

Bid deposits must be paid in onchain or lightning bitcoin.

Final payment can be paid in onchain or lightning bitcoin, credit card, Afterpay, Cash App Pay, Affirm, or Klarna (subject to fees).

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